To err is human … erring again is just a matter of time!

What would be a mindmelting impressive opening? I sit here and think. What the hell would be so quirky that makes you stay. And all that pops in my head is, “choose well to live long and prosper”. And considering i aint even a hardcore trekkie (guessing that’s what star trek nerds are called…no offence!) it’s just ridicilous! Usually when shit like that happens, you tend go all “wtf just happened on yourself!!!”.

But the matter is the opening…that perfect opening…So going a step back what would that opening serve? Commercial interests, movie reviews, short stories, philsophical twists, journalistic viewpoints on topics and to the extent of sounding ridiculous at some level also “a certain amount of fame”. Need a direction, its all about focus ain’t it! and a follow up thought is “that’s just too much of work”.

That happens a lot right, things you wanna do, you might love doing, but your stuck with the “is it proportional enuff to what you will get in return”. Usually that’s the case with me when it comes to Sajid Khan movies…i like cinema and love to watch all kind of movies, like almost all…  but then its 3 hours of my life and those could be scarring moments of my life…Thank god he made just 3 movies! Just kidding! A little below the belt always works!

So back to the opening and all i can think of now is…man i digress a lot! Anyways i guess the moment’s gone, so will have to make do with a simple “Hi ppl”, which to think of it, wasnt a bad opening in the first place. So i guess there goes my readership…hahaha…Anyhoooo its been fun writing this shit…No direction, goood!…Write stuff that i normally cant say out aloud, thats the way…Randomnesss!

PS: I know the title doesnt match the blog, I just thought it was funny!

Sage-ing Out!  


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