The Cell phone Conundrum!

Standing in a corner, looking at people mourning at the demise of a distant relative of mine, I wonder what is the meaning of life & what happens after death? A karmic moment with such overwhelming settings is rare, or so i thought, till an uncle nudged his way through the mourners to occupy a vacant spot right next to me. Clad in a white kurta, obtuse in shape, a white handkerchief in hand and the look of practiced sympathy told me he had been in these situations many times before. He looked around for a bit and broke my line of thought with a life changing question…I-phone or S3, which is better? Like really dude!

That’s technology for us, for our generation, for our occasions and our situations. Owning latest inventions and being fluent in gadget talk has now become a prestige quotient. It doesn’t matter if you don’t need or use only 50% of the features that your phones have to offer but flash it and you shall create awe & start a conversation. It goes like this, “Ohh new phone, I love this model, how much did it cost you”…and then you throw out some numbers, some fancy apps, some useless jargons and of course the “This phone is really worth Rs XYZ that i paid for”…All i can think of is, does it also come with “Tech douchebag alert” app…

Its just a phone!!!…I pretty sure if graham bell knew that down the years his “tring trings” are going to be replaced by devices that consume mankind and all associated emotions, he would have never made that first call. Kids on cell phones, vegetable vendors with “Chadti jawani” ringtones, reckless drivers watsapping with one hand while they play roadkill with pedestrians…the possibilities are endless. It not like I have anything against them, I mean everyone has it and I am sure we all need it, to survive or to grow but we created it, not the other way round!

I imagine a time before cell phones and I lived in that time…It was a time of peace; it was a time of one rupee coins and that of standing at one place due to the winding handset cables. Nowadays even if the bloody landline rings, people reluctantly pick it up only to say “Aree call on my mobile”.

But back to reality & yuncle is still waiting for my reply so i reluctantly start with, “Uncle we are at someone’s…” and before i could complete, as if on cue, my phone decides to screw me over. “Open gangnam style”, that’s my ringtone, playing in full volume, with 50 or more teary eyed faces staring at me while uncle whispers “Beta, put it on vibrate mode, it’s a funeral not some cocktail-shocktail party!!!”

Sage-ing Out!


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