Jaws Of Faith…The Faith Shifter Analogy

Remember those “standard terms and conditions apply” pages on mutual funds and insurance ads. Fine prints with illegible yet standard clauses spoken at the speed of light warning you just seconds after selling you their product. Can’t stand them…

In a country like India, with all its god men (& their controversies), its religion (& their rigid guidelines) and its places of worship (& the striking contrast of wealth inside and poverty outside) a word like faith cannot be thrown around lightly…it’s bound to come around and kick you right in the {for a lack of a better word} “rear end”. Your mistakes, your failures, your decisions will invariably get connected to being “faithless” with a bit more adjectives around it.

When it comes to faith in religion, in mystical activities of the creator, his miracles and his much needed blessings, my journeys and incoherent ramblings (just playing safe) have made me realize that, at the base of it all there are just 3 broad categories. The believers (means what the name suggests), the non believers (again as the name suggests) and the faith shifters (a word I jus made!!!)

Faith shifters…Since I fit in this category, I had the moral responsibility to make it sound cool, hence the incessant mulling over a name…after all I am not alone here. We are a growing power, if you believe in such kind of statements!

We are those who pray before the exams, chill after the exams and start praying just before the results. We are the ones who don’t take an actual stand in matters of religion instead we side with those who have a better argument. We don’t believe in demons and evil spirits, no we don’t, yet we are never ever the first ones to venture in places where we are likely to soil our trousers. We may say we believe in god as we believe in ourselves, but our belief system is only triggered during panic and last resort moves… higher the panic bigger the incentives offered to the great one!

Millions of such situations aside, more than faith, we are driven by logic, word of mouth, explanations, doubts, justifications and at times, convenience. Now if you are a shifter, you just have to accept it because I doubt that if the believer were right all along, God as he is or as he is portrayed to be, wouldn’t smite us for accepting the truth. That being said, there comes a time when faith and logic comes tumbling towards you at a rate where a shifter gets, the right word would be “caught in a corner”. Just to tone down the hype a bit, these times are not necessarily life changing moments, simply because moments don’t change lives, actions do. And more often than not, by the time you realize that your life has changed by your own actions, you feel it’s better to blame it on the moment…keeps you safe that way!

Now the reason behind going into the Faith Shifter analogy was simple. I have an incident to tell, a story that I have told and nobody seems to believe. A story that is ridiculously interesting but the premise of it seems so ridiculous that I never get to the end before someone cracking up! A story that has action drama romance, well not romance, but definitely pant wetting moments in it! While the believers sell it as faith, the non believer think its crap and the shifters…well can’t blame them, they are my own kind and they do, what they do best…Do ooh aah and change the conversation!

So to heck with the categories, I am telling the incident in my next blog, but I was morally obliged to warn to people what’s in store, like others do.

Remember those “standard terms and conditions apply” pages on mutual funds and insurance ads. Fine prints with illegible yet standard clauses spoken at the speed of light warning you just seconds after selling you the product. Can’t stand them…so I made one of my own:-)

Stick around and you shall be amazed!

Sage-ing Out!



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