Jaws of Faith…A Shifter’s Conclusion

We all want our stories to end with a bang! Admit it or not, every narrator wants the audience to walk up to him and say how blown they were by the end of his book, article, blog, movie or play. Sadly mine doesn’t end that way, maybe I can get a laughs out of it, but that’s about it! The reason being, when I ran like a little girl out of the lake, intelligently blaming not Babiya but the small harmless and actually comfortable guppy fishes, I did what every normal person would do…Call up someone and tell what the f@#k just happened! Sadly the reactions weren’t what I was expecting.

The first person I spoke to, my so called “best friend” just disagreed with me…just disagreement. The ridiculousness of the situation was that, I kept saying “I was 6ft away from a huge croc” and he kept saying “not possible, no, no chance”, just pure unadulterated denial. The second person, plain and simple didn’t let me complete because he was stuck on, “Why the hell is a croc named Babiya?” (A question that annoyingly always keeps popping up!). Seriously, how does it matter, it’s called Babiya, that doesn’t make it cute, it’s still a freaking crocodile)! What followed that was, “show picture”, sorry I was too busy running to click! And they didn’t stop, from is Babiya an over grown lizard to songs on the lines of “Ohh mera piya Babiya” they went all out. My personal favorite out of the lot was,”Maybe Babiya is Jain, which means he loves Navratri too…Dandiya Babiyane Saathe”:-i…

My sister on the other hand started telling people how I was suddenly a believer in miracles, which was kinda freakier. My folks believed my wishes would come true, ironically at that moment I was wishing, “please don’t let babiya eat me”, so it did come true.

But the matter of the fact is simple, the believers believed, the shifter laughed, and well, the non believers tried practical explanations and then… laughed. Either ways, it happened, the story is true, it may or may not have been a miracle but if you want to verify it, all you have to do is type “Babiya temple crocodile” in Google and you shall read and see the “divine mosalle”. Also if you do so, read the comments below, they are guaranteed to give you some decent laughs!

Maybe like many said, Babiya had never tasted meat so he doesn’t understand the concept of eating non veg. But the realization was this, when in the moment, you are not a shifter or a believer or a non believer, you are just there watching and hoping that it’s a miracle and not a death wish. You can post mortem it as much as you want in retrospect but the truth is, within all of us lies that voice which demands, pleads or expects a miracle, especially when it’s needed the most.

Maybe sometimes the universe conspires to give you that miracle and you start believing, other times you get tired of hoping (but secretly still hope) and believe that its stupid to expect rather just be logical and practical. And finally come people like me, still a proud shifter, who expects miracles, wants them. If he gets them, well and good, we are happy and it’s a good story and if he doesn’t get it then, no issues we will just shift to something more logical and believable!

Sage-ing Out 


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