….Of Manmohan, Modi & The Mango Men!

  These days whenever I am out of conversational topics, I pull out my favorite question, ‘which political party are you supporting for 2014?’ People not only mention the party but without invitation argue debate and explain the merits of their choice… & to think that with the end of Big Boss our daily dose of drama, cat fights, blame games are over! No, not to be disappointed we got the 2014 elections on our cards. The stake is India, the issue is development and the fight, well the fight was always ugly now it’s just plain entertaining.

  Back in the days when I had just gotten my rights to vote, my singular day of democracy, a very interesting ritual started at home. Dad who was a staunch saffron flag supporter asked his novice and impressionable kid to vote for BJP. He tried his best explain the merits of Hinduvta & after a certain point decided, ‘my son is quite dumb’. So he came up with the note for vote funda where all I had to do was walk into the booth, vote for his party & I get 100 bucks. Mom on the other hand went the nurturing way and egged me to vote for Congress, in return to which I get a day off from assignments & daily chores. So like every diligent Indian I would vote for “XYZ”, tell my parents what they wanted to hear, get a day off from chores with 100 bucks as political revenue…best of both worlds! Ironically, my dad who worked really hard to slowly climbing the social ladder both in stature and finances, supported BJP his entire life but in the major part of his working life BJP came to power only once. Whereas my mom who faithfully supported Congress, was a housewife who reaped very little real time benefits for her faith & choice.

  But today as a grown up Indian, I am expected to make an intelligent and informed decision, the decision for my future. A decision based on the media reports, analysis of current issues, speeches of the political heavyweights and intentions or so called ideologies of each party. So let’s take stock of what we do have on the platter.

  In one corner is our silent & reticent prime minister who is yet to use all the alphabets from A to Z in a 10 year run, backed by a young vice president who is vociferously being blamed for taking birth in one of India’s premier political families (as if he had a say in that). In the other corner is a man who can’t do anything wrong at the moment, call him a tea-seller and you shall regret it, call him a mass murderer and you shall regret it, in fact even if you just call his name out in a higher decibel, someone will tag you with a “ist” word, like castist, racist or so on and so forth. In corner three is an andolan, the winds of change, the party of common men, the ones who will sit down anywhere if their demands are not met. Lead by a dharna-pasand CM, they are here to clean the system and if they can’t clean it, they will just clog it, till it cleans itself!

So that’s that…that’s all we have, in the name of democracy, in the name of change, in the name of future, we have 3 political parties and their 3 deceptively similar yet conflicting thoughts. Frankly speaking things could have been worse, I mean we could have just 2 parties and where is the fun in that. But coming to the point of whom to vote for & why, I don’t have say…I never did! To be true, I walk into a booth, look at people around, soak in the ambience and shout “Vande Mataram” in my head and just press the button.

  Throughout time and our continual existence, our victories and defeats, it’s become quite clear to me that our decisions can’t be ruled by a singular choice we make in a booth & even if we make a wrong choice we will still strive live and try to grow every single moment we get.  This doesn’t mean we should make a random senseless choice…Just means whatever or whomever we choose; we are individually responsible in making our lives better.

  Why am I saying all this, simply because I can, I the common man, the non political, the non influential has this amazing gift…the right to blabber! Regardless of who comes in power and who goes out, I am here to stay; I shall speak my peace and continue onwards to the path that keeps me happy!


Sage-ing Out


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