…In the smiles that we make

Are we ever truly happy? If we are, how does it feel? Is it a sense of euphoria or a sense of fulfilment? Maybe it’s both…Frankly speaking, I don’t know…The bright side to pessimism is that it always brings a baggage of “what ifs” which will definitely steal your thunder!

Life is in its glory and in its misery has only one important lesson, life moves on…We sob, we rejoice, we win and we lose, but then are these emotions a part of our life or life itself? I have come across the happy types and the care free types, then there are the rage monsters and the perpetual grumps and so on & so forth, but all these variations form 2 categories of humans.

The one who are happy about the smallest things in life and the ones who cant seem to stare happiness in the eye…Sincerely, I have no clue or the understanding to judge whose better off. But if there is one thing to take away from this its simple, grumpy people need happy people…they need to see happiness to believe in it, they need to see a smile to try it for themselves…

We cant argue with the fact that happiness are of types, situational and at times dependant of actions of others but then arguments won’t make you happy…people will! As a self proclaimed pessimist I have come to realise this truth, our happiness isn’t in our hands, its in the faces of those who are happy because of us despite of our “What ifs”?

So are we truly happy?…Frankly speaking, I don’t know…But till the day you are smiling, I am not complaining!

Sage-ing Out


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