From the upper echelons of glory…


… The ride down is always quicker that expected, especially if you are pre-occupied with issues that are of primal concern. From the 15th to the ground floor, it seemed like a matter of few seconds. But then a failed business venture, a doomed marriage and bad economics do occupy a sizeable portion of your thoughts.


But then the smoldering summer heat mixed with scent of defeat hits you like a tidal wave. Gone are the air conditioned cars and luxury of looking at the world as an under privileged orphan. Back in the rat race for survival, the only thing that haunts the body is the thirst. Not metaphorically but literally, funny how when the biggest things in life go wrong its the smaller issues that actually make life difficult. A glass of water right now would be great!


A couple in love, how sweet, with a bottle of chilled mineral water, how perfect! Love so pure and so intense that it makes you ignore the pleading face that begs you for just a couple of drops. Looking right through, the young love has no time or pity for the battered legend. Maybe someone else, this guy with an expensive mobile, he surely can spare 10 buck for a haggard and fallen compatriot. Alas the pace of his walk quickens simultaneously coordinating with his eye movements which look the other side on cue.


Begging won’t help, will stealing do? That noise, sounds like a commotion, a name that sounds familiar. A group of people from different walks of life, waiting for someone or something, maybe one of these fine specimen would have a glassfull of kindness. Navigating through this glued audience gives no hope as they refuse to even budge or cast a glance. Finally ahead of them all, with hand outstretched for whatever is on offer!


And, I see me. I don’t remember my name or exactly why was it me. Maybe I did sometime back, but it has slowly faded away. I fell, no I jumped, I must have been miserable to do so for. Its fair to say that the asphalt wasn’t kind to me on impact maybe that’s why I look positively ghastly but I guess that no longer an issue. Shouldn’t have done it, I mean, if it was a life threatening reason I would have remembered it right now.


But I don’t, all I remember is that ‘the ride down was quicker than I expected’. 🙂


Sage-ing Out



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