Ode To Anxiety!

Anxiety Hulk














Come on in when you like, stay for as long as you please

Reign on me in spells of infinity, sobering my euphoric me

For what do I owe this joy, is my life’s unsolved mystery

But when you are around, ohh damn! It sucks to be me!


Constant is the palpitation, nervousness in every shade

Happiness is kidnapped, ransomed to my rage

A silent moment for those who have cared & stood by me

The world has names like friendship, love and family

But just takes me seconds to make them feel crappy

Free for all of them, just coz they are great human beings…


I talk to you out loud, not because I want the world to know

It’s just my way of saying, we both have a long way to go

Making life the challenge it was never meant to be

Nobody is wrong, nobody to blame, the world isn’t a pleasant place to be

When you make me feel like I am being impeached me without impunity


But like every radical hero even I’ve a ridiculous philosophy

I size my villains up & butter up my enemy

So this is your moment to shine, this might be your final glory

As a final insult I shall name this meaningless poetry…

An Ode to Anxiety!


-Sage-ing Out


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