The Creative Obligation

Creative- relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something…And that’s how its defined. The ambiguity of the definition itself begs a question, Who is creative & who decides what is creative?
Writers, copywriters, bloggers, musicians, film-makers & so and so forth, the list of people in creative endeavours is endless and to my understanding, incomplete. Creativity in all forms of life, situations and practises should be included in that list, for example a chef creates a new recipe based on his understanding of what would taste better…Isn’t he/she creative enough to be added to the list? But going beyond the smaller & fallible issues of a definition, the point to be noted is that, being creative isn’t a patented talent hallmarked to a chosen few.
More often than not, people from the creative side of world are treated as unique with their sense of dressing, their etiquettes, their mannerisms & their personality. Usually their sense of being or randomness is explained with the line, “He/she is from the creative field, so you know how they are”. While taken as a compliment by many, it also has slowly developed into a notion that, creative people need to look different and stand out & that is not limited to their ability to create but their physical appearance as well. The irony of the fact is that many who try to look different, in a field where their uniqueness is a prime talent, do so with a vague impression of someone else. You may want to dress like a hippie as it give your physical appearance an edge and a add-on, but do you really understand the rhetoric behind dressing like in a particular fashion. At some point in our history, an imagination came into existence which was the reason to create such kind of an appearance but do we really go that deep while adopting that particular look & mannerisms?
Before the definition of creative was coined, the so called creative people back then must have struggled to get noticed, to create a society where their imaginations & creations were if not admired was at least admitted as an effort. But its hard to imagine if they ever thought of it being limited to a chosen few who were proclaimed or self-proclaimed themselves as a creative individuals. Take for example, a city like Mumbai where a major chunk of the population are from the middle class level of society aspiring to make it to the upper middle class.In a tussle to give their kids the best while sticking to a limited budget, they consistently introduce nuances and measures that are more creative than any ad campaign ever made. But they don’t do this to earn money or flaunt their talent, they do this out of necessity & the lack of choice. None of these families would ever claim to be creative but instead look up to the chosen few to guide them ahead in making their lives better.
Making life better, that is what those founding fathers of creative endeavours must have imagined. Make life better by the sound of music, by ideas of innovation, by act of entertainment, by sharing experiences though blogs, by using endless imaginations or original ideas to create something. We owe to it to them, we owe it to those who think of us as creative, we owe it to the misguided notion of creativity being a talent limited to a handful, to make life better. In our imaginations, in our miseries, in our conflicts and our aspirations, we have to make life better for others, before using our so called talent to earn, make better sales or convey a brand’s marketing position.
Somehow our “creativity” ensures that we don’t need a lot to do this & we can do it one person at a time, all we need, is to think of being creative not as a gift or talent, but as an obligation to those who deemed us worthy.  Its our unique way of fitting in and responding to that very definition that ensures that we create something out of our imagination or idea, its our creative obligation.  
P.S- None of the above is written with an intention to disrepute or hurt any particular individual or creative organisation. Let’s just take it as a rambling of one individual who is trying to make sense of what he is doing or will do in the foreseeable future

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