Remember Remember…

20130819_074743Remember Remember, the time that passed by
When dreams of future had a different high
Destinations went beyond the endless infinite
Adrenaline pumping, logic was cast aside

Further as we went, time became time
Dreams rechristened as goals, ambition was prime
Lost was happiness, buried alongside joy
Burdened by aim of bringing fantasies to life

Tired as we got, our ways faltered along
Being solo wasn’t just enough
En route new bonds were formed
Life became living, every step every count

It isn’t over yet, that future is a long road down
We may have more on our hands, but alone we are not
What was then a dream, till date isn’t real
But we dreamt it then, when pure was our zeal

Remember Remember, how pristine was your dream
You may never dream again but never forget
Chase what you can, take what you get
If you dreamt too big, don’t make it puny in regret…

-Sage-ing Out


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