The Art Of Being Common…


Heads up! If you’re reading this article, you are most probably not a common man/woman!

There are a lot of reasons as to the “why not”, but the most important of all is the singular fact, that he/she doesn’t really have the time to stop the machinery & read the ramblings of a blogger.

We nag, crib & complain with the same intensity for both important & inconsequential issues but he lives through it without much hesitation. Weather reports, budget changes, celebrity cat fights, sensex fluctuations, film reviews, etc may affect him in the same way as it affects us, or maybe even more. But unlike us, for him these aren’t a cause for a rebellion or an outburst, just a slight change in plans, seen as minor detour in the journey of life. Radical regimes have tried to tame him and democratic alliances have attempted to show him a bright future, but at the end of it all, he remains where he was as they crumble and cease to exist with time.

Should life be different & meaningful? Should it bring about change? Does love conquer all? These are issues that we may fight with, but in his book of life they are just be a page in a chapter with a small footnote of “this happened to me”. Many would argue that his life plays no major part in the greater good of the world, but in truth he is in majority & the bigger part of this world and any good to him is our greater good. His ability to bear made us inflict, his routine gave us a chance to entertain him, his talent to adapt helped us introduce new things, we are dependent on him, if not for judgement then for acceptance.

He is not a dying breed, simply because its not in his DNA.

He is not rare, simply because with every failure of ours, we join him in being common.

He is not weak because he is not one person but the face of something much bigger.

But today you can only be common if you really want to be so. In the age of updates, status & blogs, the common man is told to find his voice.The number of likes and followers will then decide if his voice is of any value & if it is, he shall rise to glory from the depths of commonness. While, it does give an once in a lifetime opportunity for the commoner to rise to fame, its conveniently forgotten that only one will be chosen and the rest will watch.

Slowly yet steadily, we enter this race of “being someone” and the same time “being different”, each fighting for a spot to reach a place where we can influence him. But if everyone wants to be the king, who will you rule over? & that is why, he will never die.

For what inspired this rambling was a statement. Someone once told me, “You suck at being a common man”, as I pondered and deciphered, I realised, “I don’t suck at it, I just cant understand what is so special about being common”. In hindsight, I guess my lack of understanding him makes me uncommon

 – Sage-ing Out


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