Walk into a room so dark

Unkept & forgotten at large

He lay still as still death can be

Unfinished next to him, a cup of coffee

Knowledge lied in waste

Every story he ever chased

Life of ifs, forgotten buts, and of ands

Unfinished was his every task at hand

Why he chose this, why he chose to write

A million guesses, but not a clue in sight

He did a little, but never soared too high

Unfinished talent, not a soul would cry

The drapes were shut, dim was hope

He had met death, oddly with a note

Such a life, lived to die, why oh why

Unfinished was the only word in mind

The note read small, four lines the least

As I leave this world & bid goodbye

I go alone, but my stories left behind

No matter a million, even one soul that reads

I shall take a moment reminding timeless time & thee

I only wrote, to Unfinish My Legacy…”


-Sage-ing out


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