The Ego Monologue (The Final Chapter or so he thinks…)

Walk Away...

 “So here is where we stand, you and I. In the midst of logic, people, reality and me! 

We created ourselves, you and I, I am the reflection your past, & you are my belief of the future we can have. Years of not knowing who you are, led to the creation of who I am. But I practically made you who you are today. Holding a stake, in your every minute to major life altering decisions and fighting for you against the world, its logic and reality has bought me to here & today… Where you think it’s time to let me go!

So let’s try & talk you out of it…at first at least! Logic!!! Let’s go with your favorite one. You have no ego? What’s next? Let’s not compete & play games with people. Let’s not create some confusion & some drama? I mean, you can see where we are going with this, aren’t we. All this makes you a bit overbearing for yourself and others, I agree. But this drama! & who doesn’t love a good drama? Drama is good, good for love, work or entertainment. And logically what would life be without all that. And it’s not like you have peaked or achieved, you have just reached here, though it’s commendable & here isn’t bad at all for your individual self. But if anything, “logically” you need me more than ever!     

Now let’s look at the world. For me, they don’t exists or maybe they do and I get affected by it, but then I throw a fight out every single time. It’s a war between them and me, where every time I turn, I see you faltering along & bringing more lives to a journey that wasn’t meant to have passengers. And agreed, 7 times in 10, I may lose my arguments. But then I have saved you from some close ones, haven’t I? You need self-realization sometimes when you deal with the world, especially to get noticed or make your point, and that even you can’t deny. Yeah maybe, I tend to go overboard a bit after that with those “close ones” of yours, but then who doesn’t celebrate? So there might be a greater good for you and the world, if I am let go off my duties, but then I thought of it as the world against us…wasn’t it?

And with that, we are left with reality! You are understanding and analyzing the traits of your ego…noting down his involvements & today, he is giving it back to you, in person! Well, it’s safe to say, reality has left the building, a long time ago.

Here we are, you and I, and for some reason, I don’t feel bad for you. You created me because you needed me. With a thought that this is how you want be, you did it in full consciousness. You let me guide you through times when you needed me and those time where good. And just as it’s in your DNA to grow and prosper, so it is mine! So why today, why now? Just because you think today you can trust the world, consult with friends & family & believe in the greater good & love to guide you the rest of the way? Trust me pal, the only thing constant in life is change. Starting from way below, it goes all the way to the top and like I said, it’s in your nature to get affected by it.

Maybe you have a great run, but one fine day the permutations and combinations of change will lock on to you. Maybe you get bogged down and need to prove your point again. Maybe your self-esteem needs to know what it felt like that last time something like this happened.

What do you do then? You refer to this book?

You understand, how you did what you did & where it led you too? So you know if you ever had to do it again, you could “stop” before things go a bit too far?

And what is a bit too far, my friend. In my good sense, it would be your ego fighting back, like I am…

Hahaha, like  a rant…No no, an ego monologue!!

To know how crazy you can get with your ego…hmmm

Hmmm… Like this ego monologue.”

The End

Sage-ing out



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