Chronicles of THE LAST: Part UN.


As I fell down in the mud, sprawled in the muck, defeated, wounded & close to my end, he stepped back & started circling me as if he wanted me to ponder on my end, our end, the end of humanity. And so his wish be done…

…A penny for all our stories that arrive to the gripping climax of a final face-off, & here we are today. We knew for quite sometime, that we are not alone in this vast space & well, we prepared for that fateful day for when it comes. And when they came, they didn’t come to conquer us, they came to create, to wipe the slate clean and to create again, like we were lines on a chalkboard!

They were our Gods, if you believe in that sort of a thing. But not like our understanding of Gods who wanted to fill our lives with warmth & care, for what its worth, they were quite clear that our time is over and they were here to ensure that. As they brazenly announced their intentions, we gaped & gasped till we could do, and then we did what we can, we fought!

Not as heroes, but as humans, and to survive we went back to the basics. We became a herd, we became the human race again, regardless of our skin, religion, culture & zillion other differentiators, all in arms to fight for a day of survival. We used our intelligence, our muscle our tact and we never gave up. Amazed by our resilience, what began with diplomacy and soon turned into a fight escalating into a war finally culminating into destruction . But somewhere along the way, they realised misjudged our need to live.

From global to national to local, it took 20 years for destruction to reach where I am today. I am THE LAST. From a war, to a battle, to a fight. Just two of us in this wasteland once fondly called earth by its inhabitants. In this mass debris of lives both humans & everything living, there are only two dominoes left, one his kind, him & one of mine, me. Its a fight to live, without a thought of what would be life after, without a glimpse of tomorrow, maybe what awaits is a life of solitude till death or maybe death brought on by a lonely life.

If there was someone looking down on us, he today had to admit that we were by far the most controversial yet tenacious bunch of species he ever made. While his other creations just bowed down to his laws, we can’t just die, we have to live, we will live. It is so natural to us that we are used to doing it since we are born, we breathe to live.

And this why I had to go, I shall fight & I shall live, and if I have to meet my maker as the last of my kind, I shall do it on my own terms but not before I make sure that there is nothing more I could have done to stop his will from happening, and that shall be my end…

…My end in the hands of him, he who is prowling around waiting for me to look up and stare into the darkness that is a full-stop to our evolution & our existence. Not so easy, Not so fast, It’s time for Round Deux!



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