Chronicles of THE LAST: Part UN.

A future distraught…


As I fell down in the mud, sprawled in the muck, defeated, wounded & close to my end, he stepped back & started circling me as if he wanted me to ponder on my end, our end, the end of humanity. And so his wish be done…

…A penny for all our stories that arrive to the gripping climax of a final face-off, & here we are today. We knew for quite sometime, that we are not alone in this vast space & well, we prepared for that fateful day for when it comes. And when they came, they didn’t come to conquer us, they came to create, to wipe the slate clean and to create again, like we were lines on a chalkboard!

They were our Gods, if you believe in that sort of a thing. But not like our understanding of Gods who wanted to fill our lives with…

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