Chronicles of The Last: Part Dos.

Part UN.

At a safe distance, steadily bridging the gap between his life & my death, he circled around me as I helped myself off the ground for one final round. One round to decide between humanity & alien supremacy over Earth, and then I felt it, the massive weight of responsibility on my shoulders, increasing as the inches between us diminish. Face to Face, Its now and maybe forever… 

They looked like us. The same body structure, the same swagger, the same fighting styles, yet without a face. It was as if someone had mocked us, the most dominant species on this planet by creating replicas of us but without identity. They were energies who could imbibe any shape or form and they chose our form, simply to rub our noses in our existence. They might call it a fair fight, but we considered it as arrogance.

As the war spread across continents they first destroyed everything alive that wasn’t us. Luckily our development & experience helped us survive but for how long? That’s when our war began, not the war for redemption but the war for survival. We realised they could be killed, the same way as us but it definitely took us longer to grasp the notion that we had to kill someone who was also flesh and blood just like us. We had armies & convicts trained in combat, but the larger part of the population was simply not trained for combat. But we learned. Like ever, we tried to evolve!

But in all the killing and destruction, we never imagined it could come to this. To me, the last of us all, a mere foot soldier who had to not only digest that he is the end of the human race but also do his best to make sure he score a major win for it. And for what cost, for what eternal joy, nothing would ever be the same and nothing can be revived. Why to fight a battle where winning was exactly similar to losing?

So this is how we go? So this how humanity ends? He ends me, and flies back home, taking the message of victory to his creators, who shall sound the bugle & lead their civilization here and start the ticker all over again. This very thought, this basic thought of me over you, of not letting him get the last laugh, of using human emotions over logic gave me the courage to stand up and face my destroyer.

And as he advanced towards me with his slow menacing steps with a clear intention to put an end to this one sided battle, I made up mind. Dropping my weapon was good enough to stop him at his path, but he quickly gained his composure as he saw me trying to take a step towards him. But I had no energy to fight a losing battle and as I collapsed he had no option but to support me. Maybe even he didn’t feel it was justified to kill the last of a species, when its life was almost on it way out. As I slid to the ground, my feet sank in the muck & I could feel the soggy soil on my hands as well.I signalled him to come closer, which he did, but staying true to his combat skills, he kept his hand on his weapon at all time as reminder of what lay ahead.

“You win, but are you victorious? You defeated us, but at what cost? There is one of you and there is one of me. This is how close the fight got. You know why? Because we are born fighting, from our evolution to being the dominant form of life on earth we fought our way through. And when we were the dominant, we fought among ourselves. We’ve had our times, we’ve had our glory, we had our sins & today we shall have our extinction.

But will it end here? No we to hope come back, this circle will start again, we hope to evolve & one fine day we hope to regain our spot as the most dominant species on Earth. But for that hope to live, its necessary to even the odds, it necessary to wipe the slate, truly clean. As I perish, let me teach you  one final thing about us Humans, in our worst, in our lowest, we tend to think not about ourselves but to those who shall one day follow us…”

And as I pointed towards the horizon, I hope to fate that he saw me fish out the grenade from the muck, which I had been holding, just long enough for it to end us both, but me, The Last, with a smile on my face & hope in my eyes…  

Sage-ing Out


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