Let the past rest in peace…

Walk Away...

This was a long time coming…

This is true, this me, & from this, I leave my past & follow my happiness.

From here, I go where I should have gone right from Day 1, the journey to being a better person, the journey to being me. The reason behind writing this is plain and simple, the reason is to purge whatever is left of that weird old me, who would slip into zones of pondering and ruminating in the past.

The past, no matter how horrific, how bad, how terrible it was, however nightmarish, on some eventful days seems like a dream in hindsight. But it’s necessary to tell yourself that it wasn’t a dream, it was a nightmare that you couldn’t get out from. It was that feeling of deep sinking doom where you felt you couldn’t digest what you were but had no choice other than being yourself. Today is different, today you are you, you may not be what to you wanted to be , but you are on the path that will lead you there.

But inherent to the nature of being you, you shall slip back into that time, & that time may not look so bad, but that is because you want to romanticize the past, you want to believe you did the right thing you were the right person, you made the right moves while in truth all you wanted then, was to get out of it all and go somewhere where you could start fresh.

Guess what? You are there now, and life is waiting. Life doesn’t give everyone a second chance, you have miraculously got one and yet you can’t seem to see it for what it is worth…

A new beginning, a start to somewhere you wanted to be, someone you wanted to be. Its time leave the past behind, and leave the past for what it really was, a nightmare that you were lucky to get out from with minimal collateral.

This was a long time coming…

This is true, this me, & from this I leave my past & follow my happiness.

sage-ing out


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