The 9th Minute in Time…

Minute 10

Time to Die! 

Minute 9

I am using my last minute to tell you this story, so listen carefully, listen before I run out of time

Minute 8

I am with those, within whom the flames of passion still ignite

Minute 7

I was in the tower on 9/11 watching the planes fly inside

Minute 6

I landed on the moon & saw the Earth in a new light

Minute 5

I was Hitler, hell bent on destroying mankind

Minute 4

I walked with Moses through the sea as waters touched the sky

Minute 3

I stood on top of the pyramids so high

Minute 2

I became Jesus turning water into wine

Minute 1

I was Adam searching for my Eve in the beginning of time

A frail old man, I have reached 75. Never been around the world, I lived an inconsequential life.

Today on my deathbed, I lie. With nothing to show, no beauty no sorrow!

As minutes of mortal life pass by, walks in a man with youth & splendor on his side

Sitting by my side, he gives me a knowing smile. Your time is up he says

“I have come to take you to the other side”

As I wait for my soul to depart, and he checks his watch, leans ahead & to me he reminds,

“You have 9 minutes before you die”

I ask him


Why wait?

Why not let me free from this mortal life

He flashes an all knowing smile, as says,

I have seen your uneventful life.

With no emotions left in disguise

But you are not alone in this world

To feel you haven’t done enough


So a secret today I shall share,

The secret of the 9 minutes you can spare

Everyone who goes beyond

Lives life to its fullest before he dies

Your actions, your deeds, your existence

Has been accounted to 9 minutes of your life.


If each minute was a moment

And each moment was one life

Choose your nine moments in time

Nine moments of Nine lives

And in the 10th minute you shall die


We live for what we shall one day become, but what if we become nothing yet somehow live forever in time



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