12 Hours & Counting…

“You start with something pure. Something exciting. Then come the mistakes, the compromises. We create our own demons.”

That was Robert Downey Jr. playing billionaire Tony Stark in Iron Man 3! This may not feel like an ideal quote that ensures a credible prelude to my philosophical monologue, but I guess he is right and you got to give him that. We all started out pure, maybe days when we went to work wanting to do something, be someone. We did things because we loved to do it, we wanted to excel at it. But then along the way we realise, life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing. So we pick and choose, some become our profession, some hobbies, some notes in our diaries and a few just dwindle away.

Our demons rightly put are our lack of purpose or so to speak our lack of motivation. It doesn’t matter what you are excellent at, because there will be something you will suck at. And not because you lack the skill, but because you lack reason. Why speak out when you know no one’s listening? Why cook and create food when you can just order it on app? Why write a blog when you get paid to write a script? The whys may differ and the whens may vary, but in a world where if we are out to create everything is art , our demons are our questions towards the “necessity of creation”.

Artists need admirers, cooks need hungry people, lawyers need clients and leaders need followers and again, we all begin pure, thinking the need will take care of itself if we deliver what we promise. But then somewhere along the way you get lost, disillusioned by the lack of need or compromised by choices you made. You stop creating, you take the easier route, you copy, you comment, you criticise, you now have a purpose, the end of a creation that you couldn’t yourself create.


And then you meet a 12 hour old! Sleeping peacefully, oblivious to such inane & pessimistic philosophies of life. Between his father, mother, a friend and me, we had the competitive advantage of over 1000000 hours, yet he has that purity which we all fail in achieving every single day. No doubt in few years he will be ready to face the world and all its elements, good and bad as we all once did, but then its upto us to make his world for him.  A world that is not a need based race to the top but a creation based reality. He can be an admirer or he can be an artist, a follower or a leader, a dancer or a lawyer, what is important is that he gets a choice.

A choice independent of need or compulsion, a choice that doesn’t start as a compromise, a choice to be good at what he wants to be good at and not what the world is currently good at. He will be your consumer, your audience, your provider and maybe your leader. Whatever he is, he will ask for the “necessity of creation” on a day when you may need to be his purpose.

Wouldn’t you be glad to be a rightful purpose that he is willing to create for, wouldn’t you want a second chance at starting something pure?

After all, creation begets creation…

-sage-ing out



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