His Human… Our Humanity

He had walked for a long long time…

his legs ached

his throat was parched

his future seemed dark

He had walked for a long long time…

Somewhere in the horizon, his weary eyes caught a drift of light & whiff of smoke and his mind told him that’s the way to civilisation. It had been ages since he met a human, so he turned and walked in that direction.

He had lived a life of loneliness…

alone in time

alone in life

alone in his mind

He had lived a life of loneliness…

He reached a small quaint village and settled under a tree. There was no human at sight, after all it was quite late in the night. He sat there thinking, “what would I say to the people who came my way”. What would be ideal, ideal to be liked? His mind wandered into making plans and somewhere along the lines, sleep came into his confines.

He slept like never before he had…

dream of heavens shared

nightmares of deadly sins

a calm of oceans from within

He slept like never before he had…

Morning came in like every other day and woke him up with a start. As his eyes adjusted to the brightness all around, he saw a pair of eyes gazing at him in wonder. A 5 year old, he guessed based on the size of pigtailed girl who stared at him as if he was nature’s blunder. Amused by her curiosity, he put a hand in rucksack and pulled out a candy. Now her eyes seems to alternate between the two extremes, a homeless man and a harmless candy. She chose what any 5 year would, a candy that frankly speaking, tasted quite good. In her naive voice, she asked him his name and he obliged by saying she can call him GOD for old time-sake.

I waited for you, for you i waited so long…

I walked alone for a long long time

Alone in life, alone in mind

To fulfil the dreams of heaven that we shared

I waited for you, for you i waited so long…

She didn’t understand what he was all about, but the candy was good and in that, there was no doubt. He stood up and dusted himself of all the dust, as people passed him by looking back in disgust. He thought they would notice, he thought they would ask, after all he was GOD and he could make infinity last. But no one paid heed & no one cared, you may call yourself GOD but where is the proof of that? But she looked at him and she smiled, her candy had ended and she wanted a another one, but GOD couldn’t understand. He decided he would walk on and find more about humans to understand what he had stumbled upon.

Thats how he came into this world, in search of hope

We crucified him and then we got us a Pope

We killed a thousands, and called it his war of Islam

We created castes, we created main (me) aur tu (you), to become his Hindu

We quoted his words, twisted and turned, robbing him of his identity

He left. He left for the walk back, long and alone. He left sad and unknown. He took her along, his hope dwindled to one, lest she becomes Human.

-sage-ing out



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