Made to Believe.

We live in a make believe world.

A world where we think that our best intentions will get us optimal results, or that we are responsible for our success and our doom.

A world that we create specifically to keep ourselves in our comfort zones, and even when we step out, we do so with the luxury of if and buts.

We compare ourselves to ourselves, to the world, and to everyone else whom we feel, we should be compared to. But our rights, wrongs and our comparisons with everyone is also just us.We find the time to create these comparisons, to create those benchmarks that we can’t live upto.

But step out of the make believe.

There is no one here, just us, us as a singular individual. But our rights, wrongs and our comparisons with everyone is also just us. All our victories and failures dont matter to anyone but us. Those close to us in a true sense will love and support us no matter what, and if they don’t, then they aren’t truly close to us.

Our mind creates a mirror to live upto an ideal image of us created sometime long ago. But neither is the world ideal, nor is this mirror.

The mirror will break, it has to. Dreams shall crumble as they always do. Life will look bleak because that the path of life

But should that be the end of it all? Certainly not.

Life is not a derivative of if and buts. Life is an anthology of our experiences and if we are out to experience the best, there is very little the world can do to dampen our spirits. To be a good human being you don’t have to search yourself, you just have to be a good human. Good to others and more importantly good to yourself.

We may live in a make believe world, but why can’t the make believe be something simple and clean, rather than a convulted obtuse mirror that shows you not what you are, but what you want to be.


sage-ing out

PS- Whenever the author says we, he means ‘I’:)


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