If we could fail to pass and passed if we failed

When the first-ever exams were held
If those who failed were cheered
And those who passed where held in regret
Would that have been better, would that have helped?

For today, a result on paper decides
If you worthy and intelligent inside
& Your brethren shall mock and scorn
If your grades are lesser than their own

Even those who top the class feel sad
About the 2 marks that they could’ve had
& Those who barely pass, pray to God
Thinking he gave them a rope when all was lost

But if fail was pass and pass was fail
Then wouldn’t the shade of intelligence fade?
Wouldn’t the unworthy become heroes?
Sure, they would learn nothing and be institutional zeros

But is that so bad for the world today
Where intelligence doesn’t show the way
Where top scorers still pay money to get admitted
And those who can’t, end life instead

And what abouts idiots like me or us
Everyone, who on getting results was cursed
We were villians of every kind,
Wasting our parent’s money and time!

So today when one of my own stands
Scared about her results, revisiting exams
All I can say is, no matter what the grades
You make me proud for participating in this race

And while pass is pass and fail shall be fail
For me, you are a topper in every single way
And if you don’t live upto to what people expect
Remember, a peice of paper can’t decide your intellect

*Dedicated to everyone who was, is or will be a student:-)

 –sage-ing out



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