Good things Vs Ache Log

‘Ache logon ke saath acha hi hota hain’ … Good things always happen to good people

Over the past few years, it seems I have been using this line a lot. Especially, when someone’s in a fix or a state of bother and I am there, just talking them through it, somewhere at the end there is,”Don’t worry, Ache logon ke saath acha hi hota hain. BYE!

People don’t react nicely to that one…neither on face nor on messages. The blatant use of soul searching, hindsight browsing philosophy at a time so crucial can be annoying. Also questioning someone’s inherent goodness at such a time is tantamount to asking them if they are worthy of “the good” that they are hoping for.

Everyone’s worthy of something. A killer is as much worthy of a noose as a poet is of a piece of paper. So no, its not a question of the worthiness of the person in contention. Also good things happen to bad people at such regular frequency that its criminal to suggest that being good is the only way to get rewarded. But yes, it is philosophy and  putting myself in someone’s shoes, I must say, it ‘at times’ can be a punch-worthy moment.

‘I trust you… to be you in the truest form of yourself when the time arrives for you to face the problem at hand. And whatever happens then, I know you well enough to know that you will only come out stronger through this. Strong enough, to walk ahead and reach a point in life, where you shall develop the mysterious power of “hindsight”. And through that magic vision you shall look back and say, Well yeah, that happened and things changed, but it happened for the best.

And I know this, because I know you, you are a good person. So whatever this issue is, however big the problem seems at this point, its a good thing because some good will come out of it.’ 

But such is life, that a monologue at the times of stress by an observer; friend or stranger, shall only get you unadulterated derision and  hate. Which is why i go with,

“Don’t worry, Ache logon ke saath acha hi hota hain. BYE!

sage-ing out


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