There is no pride in what I do,

said I, sitting next to you

You stare into my lonely eyes

Eyes that ask you,

“Why me, Why?”

It’s not that I am not proud of me

But it’s not this pride,

that I truly seek

“Then tell me what you truly seek

And for you, that I shall find”

Says You, in a benevolent high

I seek that peace,

hidden within my pride

But there is vanity and arrogance,

there is no pride

You look at me with some calm

“You’re good people”

Says You, in that patronising voice

If you cant help me,

just tell me that

Hope is a crutch,

I don’t need to have

 A smile somewhere, lingers on your mind

Everyone is weak within,

everyone cracks some time

Tired of your devious mind

I see vanity deep in those eyes

I now know, why I feel no pride

“Enlighten me”, says you with a chuckle

“Is it because of some action mine?”

Is it not? I ask of thee

After all, these mirrors around us

Complete and create you and me

So if I is You, and You are I

Do your best to seek thy pride

Not from this world, but from inside

For the peace within a pride

Is just a thoughtful reflection,

like You or I


Mise en abyme: A common sense of this phrase is the visual experience of standing between two mirrors, then seeing as a result an infinite reproduction of one’s image.



2 thoughts on “Mise-En-Abyme

  1. Chaman mein ikhtilat-e-rangoboo (both colour& fragrance) se baat banti hai
    hum hi hum hain to kya hum hain tum hi tum ho to kya tum ho

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