A ‘Lie’ So True…

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.

-Kevin Spacey (The Usual Suspects)

But he does. He has always existed, since our creation, somewhere deep within us. It’s just that when ‘he’ is actually ‘me’, it becomes almost impossible to admit that ‘I am the Devil’.

Guess that’s how a ‘trick’ works. A well-thought-of-lie, so simple in thought, so acceptable in it’s inception and so relevant to the times that it passes of as the universal truth. Crucial to such a lie/trick is the dependency or the need of the audience to accept it, willingly and completely.

For me, the greatest lie or the greatest trick of the 21st century would be convincing an entire generation of humans that ‘the common man has a voice’. That we can now use the internet’s social media tools to make ourselves heard. To shake the establishment. All we need is a phone with a net connection. And then, even the Prime minister  or President of a country can’t escape our voice and demands.

When we stop believing in the devil, we started becoming the devil. When we started believing that we have a voice, we stopped talking and started trolling. And that’s precisely how we went off-topic. Instead becoming the voice for reason, we became noise. A noise generated for the purpose of achieving consensus for things that are part of someone else’s agenda. We were given ‘trending topics, likes, followers’ as benchmarks of how high our voices can reach. We understood that to be heard, we have to talk about those things that people are talking about or else we might as well utilise our voice for some high pitched bathroom singing.

Yes, it is quite a defeatist way of thinking. Maybe,its not so bad, after all social networking mediums have brought about change. Voices have been heard and issues have been raised. But look closely, look deeper, and you will find a hidden agenda behind them all surpassing our naive intentions of positivity & change. But no one is to blame here, not the establishment, not the trollers nor the do-gooders. The greatest thing about this great lie is that we are such a big part of it that it has become the ‘he’ in ‘me’. The garb of progress now covers all good and bad deeds that pop-up on our screens.

No, there is no way out. We will make all the noise we can, we support all the trends and garner all the likes and send out all the forwards. And the ones among us who will resist, shall be left alone as the weird unsocial ones in a extremely social world. But this not a battle of us against them or good vs bad, it’s the battle of the lit-up screen.

The only thing true to a human is that we have no self control, we shall consume and confuse till we reach a point where the lie just cant reap anymore plausible reactions out of us. Maybe because, we are never eternally grateful for anything to anyone, may it be God or the Devil. We might say we are, but then somewhere along the line we just lose interest in being obligated to anyone or anything.

The greatest trick pulled by the Devil might have been convincing the world that he didn’t exist but even he misunderstood our intense & primal desire to be him. The same shall be the case of ‘our voice’ or the ‘voice of the common man’. We shall one day realise the lie that has been told and walk away from it, straight into the arms of a new trick.

The 21st century will come to an end in the year 2100. Which means I won’t be there to see the 22nd century, neither will be most of us, born before today. But regardless of our existence, I truly pray & hope that in the next 84 years, we should one day regardless of our differences become the voice of reason for one singular cause and troll ‘the lie’ itself.

– Sage-ing out! 


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