…of how humanity died.

He wasn’t so smart, he wasn’t so bold

Always his mother’s child,

At 12, he wasn’t so old

He couldn’t count so well, he couldn’t really talk

He was a misfit of every kind,

He didn’t fit in at all.

He had been sheltered, but that was for his sake

He couldn’t survive this mean bad world

He couldn’t understand their take

But then his mother died, leaving him all alone

A lost and confused boy of 12,

Left in this big bad world on his own

He stared at people grieving with him

Looking at him with eyes so kind

But they all then left,

Leaving humanity to raise a child

If you are thinking, this is an ode to his success

A story of how he grew up to be a man

These words shall disappoint

For in the night he went to his mother grave

He didn’t understand why she left him,

So he lied there till his tears dried

In the morning when the caretaker came

He saw his frozen body on her grave

He sighed and dug another hole

Next to the mother laid her son,

For a truth that we all know deep inside

A true tribute to our kind

The world we created is not for the weak to survive

For we might call ourselves human

But from the time we are born, we are coached

To feel humanity and but not bring it in life

Maybe this is the poem,

…of how humanity died.




No humanity – by Seoxys6







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