And so I Smile:-)

For when thou asks, why don’t I smile

I think to myself, What’s the point?

A jealous smile goes a patronising mile

Filled with malice,

Praying for a disaster inside

A happy smile for every glory ever earned

Bothering thy closest,

For why thou fate was spurned

A proud smile for the loved ones who won

But if they forget thy sacrifices

Upside-down the smile turns

A comforting smile for those times so tough

but fake in its core is that smile

for it never feels enough

A smile that says its time to quit

Not really a smile,

its just an expression that best fits

A smile that comes from the literal of fun

 lit up by a million suns

But never is true, for all its puns

But there is no smile  of a truer kind

Than that on a face of a child

who has no compulsion to smile

The world teaches you to smile through every pain

For the tragedy of humor is evident

Smiles are practised to fake our disdain

Here-in is where you feel,

Why read such sadness?

Why in-front of depression,

Should you kneel?

And so I take it upon myself

To change my thoughts & change my text

To smile only, when from inside its felt

For maybe its true, what the anonymous said

A smile has to be what it is,

in the moment and unpractised.




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