The Torn Page.

“This torn page that you have found, isn’t torn by chance or fault. I tore it on purpose. I tore it and threw it away because I am sure of what my family members would make of it if they read what follows. They would think that I am now completely mad, that I’ve finally lost it. It is easy to assume so, to think “She never made any sense. It’s all in her head”.

Maybe it’s true. Maybe the fear that i feel and live with is entirely my imagination. I say maybe because I am convinced it’s not my imagination, but that’s not how the world works. It is supposed to work on logic and reasoning, so if tomorrow your 16 year old daughter says she is being stalked by a paranormal entity, you don’t just blindly believe it. You ask for logic, you ask for reasons and if you cant find any, you make your own…”

If intrigued or interested to continue, please do read the full short-story on

(There is no catch here, just a page dedicated to telling one story, the best way possible)

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3 thoughts on “The Torn Page.

    1. Thanks a lot Mayur :). Unfortunately this is a very short story based on a lead/information I got, which I used as a test/pilot story. But prepping of newer longer story on the same lines and genre. Will keep you posted on the same.
      Thanks again for the like & more importantly the comments:)

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