Good God!

There are a million lives that I have lived, maybe because I can’t die. I can’t die because that’s how I was made, made before time. Made before time but made by whom, I do not know.I do not know who made me but I do know, I was first. I was first and then I made everything else, everything around, everything up and down. Everything up and down, and in between you. In between you, you who have come across me, from time to time. From time to time, when you think, Oh Thank God… he was there. He was there but it wasn’t him, it was me and  I am no, he she or it. He, she or it will die or perish or fade, I wont. I wont stop moving either, from within everything I made, made long before you. Long before you, I ran amok within and they thought I was something else, they thought I was God. They thought I was God, I was Jesus, I was Mohammed, I was Krishna, I was in stone and in nature. I was in stone and in nature, like I was in Jesus, like I was in Mohammed, like I was in Krishna, like I was in the Gautam you call Buddha, I was in the wind, I was everywhere literally like how they taught you. They taught you, God is everywhere, yes I am, but one small correction, I am not God. I am not God because there is no God, there is me, I have an extra O, I am Good. I am Good, and I was before time, making Good things, making everything, making you. Making you Good, but thats not how it works. How it works is, I make and in the moment I make it, it is inherently good. It’s inherently good till you get to it. You get to it and then, well the Good become God and, God becomes religion . God becomes religion and religion becomes hope and well poor hope, it turns into faith. It turns into faith in me, your God, who never existed in the first place. Who never existed in the first place because you never needed it, you never needed God. You never needed God because, you had Good. You had Good, you had me, I was within you for that brief second when you were Good to someone, when you were God to someone. When you were God to someone you didn’t know, I was within you. I was within you, as I am within him. As I am within him who writes this, not knowing why he writes this. Not knowing why he writes this, yet he writes it, because he thinks this will help someone somewhere, this will be good for someone. This will be good for someone but will someone understand this, will someone make it till here. Make till here, here where I am leaving, and all he has, is this, this to read back to himself and, make sense out of it. Make sense out of it if he was just being Good or was he trying to write as God?





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