Chasing the Silver Line.

What do I do, to reduce thou misery?

Yes you, whom the world sees as happy

Masked in competition is the battle of life,

if not literal, then the metaphorical kinds ….

For that you cant leave,

yet you have left it behind…

Some races you never wanted to run,

searching today, for their finishing lines…

Can’t change a thing that went by,

can’t catch a break,

though you sincerely try…

Misery may follow the miserable,

for it’s just a thought away

Smiling decoys of life are all,

everyone’s miserable,

everyone’s own way…

So I say to thee,

Oh smart in your head

but never when it matters

the cloud of misery is forever nigh,

But if u stare hard enough,

and apply your mind.

Just for the sake rhyme,

call it the sight of hind

In all your thoughts across time

something good must have come,

for you survived.

If not literal, then the metaphorical kinds ….

That something is what you must find

keeping within itself, misery occupied

In the perfect storm that brews in your mind, go chasing the silver line…





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