Riddle among Rhymes

Time to pay attention,

for lay within these lines is an answer to a simple question.

“What is it that is always on you, but you rarely use?”


Remember if it confuses,

it can’t be the answer, it must be a clue.

Remember if it is obvious,

it can’t be the answer, it is a ruse.


First gets the respect of being the first in line,

it is bigger than everyone,

but on paper it never rhymes.

So with this clue for the words below,

an answer lies hidden in plain sight .


Yes it's afternoon 

and the sun is strong, 

as i lie forgotten on this barren ground.

Out all around me are the crossroads,

not more different than the one, you're on.

Under me lies a sign,

pointing to an ocean, church and a town.

Right ahead i see the road 

but i can't move unless you take me along.

Pointed and painful i can be, 

yet i am the mighty, 

you can say, i am poetry!

Alone i am not  

nor one of a kind. 

Some day i see an end of my own,

and also foresee the end of your kind,

as the power of memories drown,

in the ocean of digital times.

To me,

ink is like my blood,

and paper is my friend,

and though it feels like i am hinting at it,

the answer is not an ink pen.


I hope that you have found,  the answer hidden in lines above.

And if you have, please do stop and let me know.

But if not, fret my friend do not.

Another clue awaits you, if you keep scrolling below.

























If you have reached here indeed,

you either tried and failed,

or had time for just one read.

Let’s assume you had less of time,

hence a hint that should help with the story above,

Is the last word in each of the three lines below.


“Like every nation needs a capital,

and every envelope needs a letter,

a baggage needs emotions, and emotions only.”






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