Hateful Pretence.

Love is what makes us alive. In its presence and through its absence. Through its pain and its pleasure. Through victory and defeat, and through family and friends. Through the eternal and through the divine. Love truly rules all, Our core and Our universe.

Now imagine a world, not ruled by love but by hate. Not the death of love but the unimportance of it. Such a world is not ours or so we have to believe, but still the question lingers, how would such a world be?

Where parent’s loved their kids unconditionally,

knowing that in return all they shall get one day is disdain.

Politicians win peoples hearts,

and then cheat them of their own fate.

Friends manipulate friends,

blaming each other for their own beautiful ends.

Marriages made not to last

and divorces make more sense.

The fear would be the hatred of Gods,

souls saved by worshipping them to no extent.


Dictators would ruled this world,

and the evils would never end.

Fragile would be relationships,

and every happiness, a make pretend.

We would be ruled and divided

through religion, caste and colour,

and every other difference.


But thanks to love,

we don’t live in such times,

no time for such nonsense.

Love truly rules all,

Our core and Our universe,

transforming its every negative into, Hateful Pretence.






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