A Writer Unfair?

I write because I want to write,

but what is written should be read by everyone,

and only that I feel is justified!

I may take ages to write,

because that’s how writer’s write…

But if you don’t read it this very instant,

all I reserve for you is spite!

I love the compliments, every single line ,

then I think most of them are my friends,

and that’s why they lie!

Most my writings I myself don’t like,

but dare you hate it,

in my head, you shall be crucified!

While it’s true that tough is a reader’s life,

spare a thought for the writer though,

a million words written, yet the cursed struggle

of finding justice for his thoughts never dies…

Unfair is destiny, unfair is life,

But is there anything more annoying, than a writer unfair?




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