To The End

If life is a journey and a destination is it’s end,
then when the winding road stops,
you shall be all alone at the end.

I don’t say this out of misery, neither do I say it out of contempt.
Rather I speak through experiences of yours and mine,
and the human nature of abandonment.

We are companions of time, never companions for life.
Husband to wife, parent to child, friend to a friend,
relations built on cause shall one day end.

Unfair it is to question his loyalty as unfair it is to blame her pretence,
unfair it is to demand an audience. For your life is only life to you,
for the world it’s passé entertainment.

It is not our place to command someone else’s time,
it’s not for us to force them on our path as their own,
it is for us to let them be and proceed ahead all alone.

If you feel sad about it and melancholy enters your ponderance,
remember lucky were you have companions along the way,
For far worse is a lonely journey, a solitary walk, from the start to the end.



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