“The Prologue

It’s not an unusual night.

It’s not an unusual place.

It’s a bedroom; in whatever form it comes to one. There is a bed within a room in a house; a place made personal by the existence of curtains and comfortable by the routine of sleep.

 The night is no different. It’s spirals down into silent darkness as if mirroring the uneventful day. A tired wave sweeping over mind and body, signaling the end of “Today”…Time to Sleep.

And so she lies on her bed. Her hand flicks the switch, resigning the reigns of the night. The bulb leaves a familiar imprint of its submission before succumbing to the dark as she drifts into sub-conscious, waiting for sleep.

“Brooding in the dark” is a game she played, when sleep seemed far far away. But then as usual somewhere in rumination, into the darkness she slips away….

What follows is a story of ‘A Nightmare’. If intrigued or interested to continue, please do read the full short-story on

(*There is no catch here, just a page dedicated to telling one more story. in the best way possible.)

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Thanks in advance.

sage-ing out

PS: Incase you are interested to read The Torn Page 🙂 link to the First of THREE 


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