A Writer Unfair?

Somedays I step down from my lofty heights to understand the pain of the mortal types…


32 to 9, Rhyme.

Imagine a kid, on the last bench of a class He couldn’t make friends, he couldn’t write or draw Logic left his head, long before the bell Using his finger as people, he would idly finger wrestle —- Maths never made sense, formulas weren’t strong He wasn’t so dumb, but he was truly so lost He […]

The Creative Obligation

  Creative- relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something…And that’s how its defined. The ambiguity of the definition itself begs a question, Who is creative & who decides what is creative?   Writers, copywriters, bloggers, musicians, film-makers & so and so forth, the list of people in creative endeavours […]