He thought of her,

and she thought of him.

The story worked maybe because,

they both wanted each other from within.


Their love burnt bright,

with passion beyond hope.

Every story needs a deft villain,

people, place, time or things, anyone you can choose.


There were twist

and there were turns.

This is where the story grips you,

as in the drama of their love, the plot thickens.


They were fights,

from within and the world.

And as the story is still undecided,

some they win, some they lose with honour.


But as end is true,

their love ended too.

The story reaches it climax,

as they become strangers, whom this story once knew.


But in the walks of life,

they may cross path or someday hope to.

This the epilogue of the story,

which is why, they crossing paths makes dreams come true.


Nothin new here,

not a story that’s unique in history.

‘Right place, right time’ was its name,

this was the love story of Time and Destiny.



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