Rant of Optimism

Everything nice will happen to you, if you would have some patience too. Ask not why those less deserving got ‘it’, for ‘it’ has a plan which we are not privy to. Do your least or your best, just don’t hope for the sky to change it’s color blue. Maybe fate and destiny have no eyes, so whom […]


He thought of her, and she thought of him. The story worked maybe because, they both wanted each other from within.   Their love burnt bright, with passion beyond hope. Every story needs a deft villain, people, place, time or things, anyone you can choose.   There were twist and there were turns. This is […]

Fake You.

As you grow older in life, a version of you shall arise. Custom made for the world, as lines of hypocrisy blurs. The silent shall incessantly talk, the unstoppable shall now stop. Molded to be not what you are, Different, yet with results above par. But then one day so shall come, questions from a […]


“The Prologue It’s not an unusual night. It’s not an unusual place. It’s a bedroom; in whatever form it comes to one. There is a bed within a room in a house; a place made personal by the existence of curtains and comfortable by the routine of sleep.  The night is no different. It’s spirals […]

Earth – The Final Countdown

Based on: http://nypost.com/2016/11/16/stephen-hawking-believes-we-have-maybe-1000-years-left/

Inspired & Adapted From: Europe – The Final Countdown


There was once past, where today lies nostalgia. There was once pain, where today lies memory. Once was it failure, what today is experience. Anger it was, what today is patience. Once called hope, is reality today. Today skeptics are cynics, As seconds click away. Time hears all, Time sees all, Times change, As Time changes      

Happy Parts of Misery

Some of us live happy lives with miserable parts, and some of us live miserable lives with happy parts. No matter what the ratio at any given point, these emotions are preset. The earlier we identify the life we live, the easier it gets to deal with misery

…of how humanity died.

He wasn’t so smart, he wasn’t so bold Always his mother’s child, At 12, he wasn’t so old — He couldn’t count so well, he couldn’t really talk He was a misfit of every kind, He didn’t fit in at all. — He had been sheltered, but that was for his sake He couldn’t survive this […]

A ‘Lie’ So True…

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. -Kevin Spacey (The Usual Suspects) But he does. He has always existed, since our creation, somewhere deep within us. It’s just that when ‘he’ is actually ‘me’, it becomes almost impossible to admit that ‘I am the Devil’. Guess that’s […]

As I Walked Alongside Life…

Author’s Note: Sometimes we feel the need to write even though something similar and much more supreme has already been written decades ago by someone special. Such a writing is born out of pure awe, it is not art or creativity. It is just a humble tribute dedicated to “he” who identified with “me” long before I even existed and wrote […]

If we could fail to pass and passed if we failed

When the first-ever exams were held If those who failed were cheered And those who passed where held in regret Would that have been better, would that have helped? For today, a result on paper decides If you worthy and intelligent inside & Your brethren shall mock and scorn If your grades are lesser than […]

His Human… Our Humanity

He had walked for a long long time… his legs ached his throat was parched his future seemed dark He had walked for a long long time… Somewhere in the horizon, his weary eyes caught a drift of light & whiff of smoke and his mind told him that’s the way to civilisation. It had been […]

12 Hours & Counting…

“You start with something pure. Something exciting. Then come the mistakes, the compromises. We create our own demons.” That was Robert Downey Jr. playing billionaire Tony Stark in Iron Man 3! This may not feel like an ideal quote that ensures a credible prelude to my philosophical monologue, but I guess he is right and you got to give […]

Postdramatic stress disorder (PDSD) – Because drama creates drama!

‘Please note, the below content has been plagiarized from the first 2 paragraphs of http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posttraumatic_stress_disorder. The author has manipulated it a bit, with the sole intention of bringing a slight smile to the reader’s face and nothing more. Posttraumatic stress disorder is a serious disorder and this blog in no way diminishes its effects and its […]

32 to 9, Rhyme.

Imagine a kid, on the last bench of a class He couldn’t make friends, he couldn’t write or draw Logic left his head, long before the bell Using his finger as people, he would idly finger wrestle —- Maths never made sense, formulas weren’t strong He wasn’t so dumb, but he was truly so lost He […]

A.R.C of Irony

I am supposed to walk this journey I am supposed to do it being me I am supposed to be different I am supposed to be happy I am supposed to achieve I am supposed to believe I am supposed to provide I am supposed to survive I am supposed to be adapt I am […]