And so I Smile:-)

For when thou asks, why don’t I smile

I think to myself, What’s the point?


As I Walked Alongside Life…

Author’s Note: Sometimes we feel the need to write even though something similar and much more supreme has already been written decades ago by someone special. Such a writing is born out of pure awe, it is not art or creativity. It is just a humble tribute dedicated to “he” who identified with “me” long before I even existed and wrote […]

12 Hours & Counting…

“You start with something pure. Something exciting. Then come the mistakes, the compromises. We create our own demons.” That was Robert Downey Jr. playing billionaire Tony Stark in Iron Man 3! This may not feel like an ideal quote that ensures a credible prelude to my philosophical monologue, but I guess he is right and you got to give […]

Remember Remember…

Remember Remember, the time that passed by When dreams of future had a different high Destinations went beyond the endless infinite Adrenaline pumping, logic was cast aside Further as we went, time became time Dreams rechristened as goals, ambition was prime Lost was happiness, buried alongside joy Burdened by aim of bringing fantasies to life […]